Car Air Freshener Blanks - Enchanted Oils SHOP

Complete product package includes Clear Display Bag &                      

Elastic Hanging Cord.

Our Air Freshener Blanks are various sizes depending upon their design.  They are supplied with a clear display bag for each blank and a length of elastic hanging cord which you can cut into 25cm lengths for each blank.  The bag can be heat sealed at the top and then you can add a header card with your logo etc if you wish.

They are made with quality absorbent air freshener card and come with the hang hole already in the card.

Remember your own personal safety equipment requirements when fragrancing these blanks ie. protective gloves/masks etc

You will need to carry out your own tests & trials on these blanks so that you reach a level of fragrance and product longevity that you are happy with before you introduce into your product range.  ALWAYS ENSURE THE BLANKS ARE COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE PACKAGING.

Please refer to IFRA document for the fragrance you wish to use on your blanks (see IFRA Class 11) to determine how much fragrance load you can use.  Where it states the maximum inclusion rate is below 100% you will need to dilute the fragrance to the correct ratio eg. 20% fragrance to 80% non-hazardous base (it depends on fragrance - if you intend to use an Enchanted Oils fragrance with these air fresheners please put a note on the comments section of your Order & we will email IFRA docs for your fragrances).  Enchanted Oils do have a non-hazardous base, IPM, available on our website which is perfect for diluting your fragrance with.  

You should use a pipette or small brush to add your fragrance/diluted fragrance to the blank making sure that you gently add fragrance over the whole blank.  Our suppliers recommend using minimum 2.8g to maximum 6g fragrance oil or the diluted fragrance (again, dependent upon IFRA information. If you wish to colour we would recommend adding the colour to your fragrance oil before you draw the oil into the pipette or onto the brush.

**NOTE : Appropriate CLP labelling is required for Air Fresheners & this should be calculated dependent upon the % fragrance or % diluted fragrance that is used in your products. In addition to the CLP you should remember to include information on your label to ensure that it is kept away from children and animals and that the user washes their hands after handling the air freshener.  You should explain that the air freshener is meant to hang freely from rear view mirrors or similar free movement locations and should not come into contact with surfaces or other materials in the vehicle or home as the fragrance oil contained in the product may cause damage to surfaces/materials.