Welcome to Enchanted Oils, home of the finest quality fragrance oils. We specialise in exclusive fragrances that you won't find elsewhere, so if you want something a little different to everyone else this is the place to be. CLP label templates are provided free of charge along with product SDS....we do the calculations so you can get on with the making. Product SDS and CLP templates are available on the Enchanted Oils Facebook page at the moment but will be uploaded onto the website over the coming weeks. 


At the moment, whilst all fragrances are considered skin safe unless stated, they are sold as candle making fragrances only until I have been able to sort out all the details required for cosmetic safety assessment. Fragrances will be updated and marked as COSMETIC SAFE once all the documents needed for safety assessment are completed.

Quantities of 30, 50 and 100ml are by volume. 200 and above are by weight. 

If you require 100ml of a fragrance please order 2 x 50ml and this will be sent in a 100ml bottle.

Large quantities

If you require 500g, 1 kilo or more of any fragrance please contact me as this may need to be ordered in for you. If a fragrance needs to be ordered it may take up to 10 days for delivery so please contact me in advance so I can advise whether I have available stock or whether I need to order in for you.

500g is double the cost of 200g (so you get 100 extra free!)

1 kilo is 4 x the cost of 200g (so you get 200g extra free) minus an extra 5%.

Please ensure you read the terms & conditions prior to placing your order. Placing an order is deemed to be acceptance of the terms & conditions.