Often customers ask us questions and the answers would be really helpful for other customers to know.  So here we have our frequent questions & answers section - this will be a continually growing section ... so keep on checking back to see what's new.

A full list of our current fragrances & information on their suitability for use in Non-Hazardous Wax, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays & Car Air Freshener Blanks .... Please check back from time to time as this list is regularly updated.

Choose Klarna when shopping with Enchanted Oils. 

1)   You need to be 18 years old or over to use KLARNA payments

2)   The Returns & Cancellation Policy & Delivery Policy for all items purchased from Enchanted Oils are available in our Terms & Conditions section of this website.  

We highly recommend that you read all the information about KLARNA and how decisions are made regarding credit & payments using the KLARNA system - before you make any order with Enchanted Oils and choose KLARNA for your payments.  You can find all the information you need here.

What is ‘Pay in 3 instalments’ and how does it work?

‘Pay in 3 instalments’ is an alternative to traditional credit but without any interest, that allows you to split purchases into 3 payments. These payments will be automatically withdrawn from the debit/credit card you have on file with us every 30 days until the full order amount has been paid. In our app, you’ll also have the option to pay off a single instalment or even the entire balance earlier if preferred. However, at this time it’s not possible to change the scheduled payment date to a later date.

If your order is eligible for ‘Pay in 3 instalments’, you can select the option in the checkout and enter your debit or credit card information. As soon as the store ships your order, you will receive an email from Klarna outlining your payment schedule and we will charge your card for the first third amount. Your purchase and payments will then be visible and manageable in your Klarna App. So make sure to download the Klarna App to stay in full control and never miss a payment!

Good to know: There is no fee to use ‘Pay in 3 instalments’!

You can access KLARNA Customer Support pages here.

Finally, although we know that sometimes a little bit of credit goes a long, long way in business and can help you purchase the items you need when you need them and not always when you can afford them.  We have implemented KLARNA as a way of our helping our customers manage their purchases over a regular period of payments - BUT - we hope that you will use this facility wisely and only purchase what you know you can sensibily afford to pay back.  Thank You :)








Yes - they are.  We use a small number of high quality UK manufacturers to produce our oils.  We do not scrimp on our budget when we create our oils with the labs and this is why we are confident that our oils are excellent quality and have an amazingly good throw hot & cold.

At the current time we supply synthetic fragrance oils, although they may contain some essential oils in the formulation, for use in fragrance products such as candles, wax melts, carpet freshener, room sprays, reed diffusers, car air fresheners and more ....

Yes, our Fragrance Oils Mixtures are vegan friendly and our suppliers have confirmed to us that they animal cruelty free - none of our Fragrance Oils Mixtures have been tested on animals.  

Some of our fragrances do contain a Pthalate called Diethyl Pthalate - it is a commonly used Pthalate in the fragrance industry and helps give longevity to fragrances

Yes we do.  It is a legal requirement of CLP that as a supplier we provide an SDS directly to our customer so we send the full safety data sheet by email to you upon dispatch of your order.  It is your responsibility to read this document before you start working with our fragrance oils and you should keep the SDS in a place where you can easily access it in the event of any issues with our oils.  Please pay attention to the PPE and medical advice that can be found within the SDS.  We do not put our fragrance oils on on website for download but we do offer hazard classification information for each fragrance oil in the description of the oil.

Yes, we do - if you look on the HomePage you will see a section entitled "CLP documents for download" you will find the CLP for our fragrance oils in this section.  We supply 10% CLP for products using non-hazardous waxes. CLP for Reed Diffuser Mix using Augeo as the base - varying % of fragrance oil to base product according to the IFRA Certificate.  CLP for Room Sprays using Perfumer's Alcohol with varying % according to the IFRA Certificate. We suggest that you download the CLP for the fragrance oil that you order at the time of ordering to ensure you have the right CLP for that oil at the right time.  The CLP that we provide is based on the fragrance oil only (or fragrance oil & Augeo) and does not take into account any other substances eg. mica, dyes etc that you may add to your product.  If you are adding further substances to the final finished product - you must check that the CLP is still correct and does not require amendments for the additional substances.  The CLP we provide is given to our customers voluntarily as we know that it helps our customers when producing their finished products.  We use information given to us from the Supplier and from REACH regulations, but, ultimately it is your responsibility to check the label information and the safety data sheet and be sure that you are happy with the information.

CLP stands for Classification, Labelling & Packaging - it is the information that needs to be given on the label of your product so that the consumer/your customer is able to ascertain what hazards your product has been classified with.  The information shows the hazard classifications and precautions that should be taken by the user together with any hazardous ingredients that should be declared on the label that are above the recommended levels stipulated by REACH.

No - you will need to check what other labelling your finished products may require.  Candles, Wax Melts, Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers etc may require additional safety labelling so that the consumer/customer takes special care when using your products - the same could apply for reed diffusers and other home fragrance products.  We would recommend that you research your legal responsibilities with regards to labelling and HSE, The British Candle Federation or your local trading standards office would be a good place to start.

Our bottles are filled by weight (grams) & not by volume (ml) - we always overfill each bottle by a few grams.  All Fragrance Oils are different in their viscosity and weight and this means that the lighter oils fill the bottle more and the heavier oils don't.  Our actual bottle sizes are 60grams (for a 50gram fill), 120grams (for a 100gram fill), 250grams, 500grams & 1KG.  Sometimes the fragrance oils are so light they actually fill the bottle and don't reach their correct weight.  So when this happens we will split the order into 2 bottles eg. 250gram of oil may arrive as 200g and 50g bottles.