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 i am so impressed with your oils! i have tried most companies in the uk and yours are by far the strongest and you have an amazing range of different oils from anyone else!!

You have a regular customer here xxx

Tahli Jones - October 2021

 Enchanted is always my first stop for anything. I only get from elsewhere if its something Enchnated doesn't sell. The service is second to none, the oils are top class, strong, excellent hot and cold throw and the oils they sell are always different, not the 'usuals' everyone sells. The Buckingham Palace of oil establishments.!

Darlene, Durham - January 2021

Cannot recommend Enchanted Oils highly enough. Beautiful oils, fast delivery and amazing customer service. I was looking  to offer something different to my customers and I found it here. I have yet to come across a fragrance that my customers don’t love. Peaceful Hideaway is my favourite though.

Caroline - January 2021

I first bought the Enchanted oils about 4 year ago and since than I have been loyal customer of Donna. The oils are strong and unique. Amazing quality and every time new oils coming up they have to pass the testing stage before they appear on market. Donna never in hurry to launch something without being sure the oils performing well. I have never been  dissatisfied by any of the oils I bought (and I pretty sure I tried most of them 😂). They always top class. And Donnas customer service is amazing . Shipping always on time and if something is going wrong owner keep us all updated. So if you still didn’t try Enchanted oils - I don’t really know what you waiting for ? 

Niki - November 2020

Highly recommend Enchanted Oils. I've tried lots of oils from all scent categories and everything is of the highest quality,  every single scent sells out quickly and I recieve rave reviews from my customers.

Customer service is also on point.

Joanne F - November 2020

Excellent despatch times and selection of fragrances. Never had a dud yet! All the oils work well in wax, diffusers and sprays. My go to supplier for hard to get similar to scents

Becks A - November 2020

Can’t recommend Enchanted Oils highly enough, I have been super pleased with every order I have received. The oils are strong and long lasting, not to mention more unusual which is the reason I first started shopping here. The delivery time scales are really quick and Donna is really helpful.

Rhiannon - November 2020

Absolutely fantastic oils, never had one I don't like. Donna goes above and beyond and customer service is some of the best I've ever had. Thank you

Elise V.E - November 2020

 I've been buying from Enchanted since I first started making nearly 5 years ago and never had any issues at at all

Absolutely recommend this supplier 110%

Customer service is amazing Donna is such a lovely lady to deal and always keeps you updated with everything... with fragrances are totally gorgeous... some of the best quality around..... Delivery is one of the quickest so if you're in a hurry then this is the place to go

If you haven't tried enchanted then you really should!!!!!

Joanne D - November 2020

Amazing products & an amazing lady behind the business. I have been a customer for a few years & always come back. The Fragrance oils are of the highest quality, the care & detail that goes on behind the scenes is evident to see. Donna had 5* customer service & works hard to deliver a speedy service.

Kim - November 2020