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BEKRO Solid Dyes for wax.  BEKRO are industry leading colour specialists.

There will be variations in the quantity of dye required to achieve the colour you want based on the type of wax you use.  10g of dye would colour around 5kg of paraffin wax - but - if you are a soy wax/vegetable wax or other waxes you may require a higher dose of dye to get a deeper colour to your product.

The manufacturer recommends a dose of 0.1%-0.2% per KG.  A dose of 0.1% (ie. 1gram) in a kilo of wax will produce a lighter colour - a dose of 0.2% (ie. 2grams) will produce a darker colour.  It is recommended to add the dye to your wax @ around 70°C.

BEKRO use a stabiliser with their colours to reduce fading in daylight - this may be something you could consider if certain colours - although majority of our customers do not use stabilisers with their colours.

IMPORTANT - The shade of colour shown in the picture for these dyes is only a guideline and it is important that you run your own tests to ascertain exactly how much dye you require to produce the colour you require.

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