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Our Mica is certified to be Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegans, Kosher and Halal and our supplier is able to fully trace the raw materials used and confirm that their manufacturers all work daily to ensure that their work places are a safe regulated environment for their work force and have a strong commitment to human rights.

Natural Cosmetic Grade Mica in a wide variety of colours all suitable for use in wax melts, cosmetics (handcrafted soaps - CP & M&P, makeup), resin (jewellery, artwork), home décor (wood, plaster, metal), glass blowing, clay (surface decoration of pottery or sculptures), artists paints (oil or water), plastics, inks, silicone and so much more....​suitable only  for outside of candles as if blended with wax mica may cause problems with the wick.

Usage Instructions: As with all of your products we recommend that you experiment with the quantity of mica you add.  Try with small amounts (possibly 5%) and then increase until you reach the effect that you are looking for.  DON'T FORGET - it's easier to add more than take some away - so start small & increase.  Mica powder is very fine and we recommend that you take care to cover work surfaces.

Storage instructions: Store in a clean, dry environment away from direct sunlight - if kept correctly mica powder will keep for a few years.


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Natural Cosmetic Grade Mica pearlescent pigments that impart unparalleled performance in chroma, saturation and light play. This mica provides different colour variations from the softest pastels to the most strikingly vibrant hues.

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